BRAYN turns 5 years old

logoFive years ago, I left one of the largest tax firms in the world with nothing but a vision. The vision was simple: provide a high-quality specialty tax incentive service to small- and mid-sized businesses. The vision today is very similar to the founding vision, just with more service lines, more BRAYNiacs, and we’ve expanded our client base to include large-sized businesses (including public companies). Continue reading BRAYN turns 5 years old

R&D Tax Credits can be fashionable

The apparel industry is likely one of the most competitive industries on earth. US companies are competing with companies from all over the globe. There is a race to shorten the “concept to commercialization” phase, which already takes a small fortune of investment. Fortunately, many activities that occur between concept to commercialization may qualify for the Research and Development Tax Credit. Continue reading R&D Tax Credits can be fashionable