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BRAYN is looking for a new BRAYNiac! Interested in joining our dynamic team? We are in search of an Engineering Associate to join our practice! As an Engineering associate, you will assist project managers and partners with limited supervision in completing tax incentive studies for a variety of clients primarily in Texas and California. You will support the team and our clients on a regular basis and be an essential component of our growing practice.


R&D Tax Credits are worth 21% more in 2018

Since the corporate tax rate was reduced from 35% to 21% starting in 2018, the federal R&D tax credit has increased by about 21%.  This is because businesses are required to either reduce their business deductions by the amount of the gross R&D credit or make a “reduced credit” election in accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 280C.

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Making Life Easier for Our Clients!

At BRAYN, our internal goal is to make life easier for our clients.

The Payroll Tax Credit – Challenges and Solutions

The Payroll Tax Credit (PTC) is a powerful new tax credit for start-ups. Companies performing R&D, who have less than $5M in gross receipts, and no gross receipts prior to the last 5 years, may qualify for the PTC and offset up to $250K in FICA payroll taxes. Continue reading Making Life Easier for Our Clients!